Sanskrit Amoha (अमोह, अमोहा)

Free from ignorance and deception



Hello, welcome to
If you are wondering now "what is this here?" - let me explain briefly

We are Laura & Markus and in summer 2019 we started to develop a concept to bring the knowledge about the valuable advantages of essential oils and a free, independent lifestyle to the people and at the same time combining it with our "nomadic" lifestyle.

Sharing knowledge
This is how AMOHA (Sanskrit; from India) came into being - which means "free from ignorance and deception".
Our vision is to liberate as many people as possible from the ignorance about healthy alternatives vs. chemical ingredients in personal care, cosmetics and household products.

Freedom & opportunities - passive income
Furthermore, it is up to us, the young generation, to share our knowledge from the heart, about income and job opportunities that allow us more freedom in life.
More freedom can mean working from home as a mom or dad, doing what you love and spending more time with the kids.

Freedom can also mean not making your pension dependent on "father state". Freedom can be to help other people take their lives into their own hands and to find a higher meaning in their work.

Moreover, freedom can mean spending several months a year abroad, working from anywhere, and generating a regular income.
Possibly freedom means all these points combined and much more. You decide for yourself!

amoha - the team
In the past few months our Amoha Tribe has grown to well over 100 members and a wonderful online community of like-minded people has formed.

What does the Amoha community offer?
We develop together, share our experiences and applications with the essential oils and products, encourage each other to think outside the box, to leave obstructive beliefs behind and to lead a self-determined life.

How do we do that?
We offer free weekly zoom calls (videoconferencing) to learn about product applications and important topics such as "Mindset - how I transform obstructive beliefs"; "chemical-free household"; or "coping with stress - supported with oils".

Furthermore, we offer free support groups via Telegram Messenger, in which there is always room for questions and an amazing community support in many matters.

What else?
Are you excited about Young Living's oils and their business concept? Or do you still not know what opportunities Young Living actually offers?

We`ve got something very special for you:
We will show you step by step how you can successfully build your Young Living business and accompany you on your way to success - free of charge and with all our heart.
Because freedom is a basic human right and we want to enable you to get a little closer to your idea of ​​freedom - wether it is financial, temporal or location-independent freedom.




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